Non Government Organization (NGO) is citizen based nonprofit group works for social welfare and sustainable development. The main aim and objective of any NGO is same as the aim of Government for development of society. Governments have control on resources but the organizations formed and working for the welfare and development do not have resources so they have to arrange and manage resources. NGOs function for without any profit but can work with funds and financial resources in present system. So funding is the basic and main part to run and organize the programmes they use to work or want to work.

So if any NGO wants to work with capacity it needs to get grants from various sources. NGOs get grant from various sources, individual donors, foundations, corporations, and governments. Funding sources for NGO include membership fees, private donations, public donations, grants from local, national and foreign funding agencies, philanthropic foundations, Government funding schemes, sale of products and services and CSR funds from private corporate sector companies. NGO requires funds for operations, salaries and other overhead costs. Fundraising efforts are necessary for existence, operation of programmes and success in the aims of NGO. Funds can be received under the various Funding Schemes.