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Private Limited Company Registration

Private limited company is the most popular corporate entity amongst small, medium and large businesses in India due to various advantages.

Private Limited Companies are those types of companies where minimum numbers of members are two and maximum numbers are two hundred. A private limited company has the limited liability of members but at the same time it has many characteristics as those of a partnership firm. A private limited company has all the advantages of partnership namely flexibility, greater capital combination of different and diversified abilities, etc., and at the same time it has advantages of limited liability, greater stability and legal entity. In this sense, a private limited company stands between partnership and widely owned public company. Identifying marks of a private limited company are name, number of members, shares, formation, management, directors and meetings, etc., The maximum number of directors shall have to be mentioned in the Articles of Association. In the grand of privileges and exemptions, the Companies Act has drawn a distinction between an independent private company and other private company which is a subsidiary to the other public company.


Separate Legal Entity - A company is a legal entity and established by a juristic person under the Act. Therefore a company form a group of organization which has wide legal capacity and can own property and also incur debts. The members (Shareholders/Directors) of a company have no liabilities to the creditors of a company for such debts.

Uninterrupted Existence - A company has 'perpetual succession', that is continued or uninterrupted existence until it is legally dissolved. A company, being a separate legal person, is unaffected by the death or other departure of any member but continues to be in existence irrespective of the changes in membership.

Borrowing Capacity - A company enjoys better avenues for borrowing of funds. It can issue debentures, secured as well as unsecured and can also accept deposits from the public, etc. Even banking and financial institutions prefer to render large financial assistance to a company rather than partnership firms or proprietary concerns.

Easy Transferability - Shares of a company limited by shares are transferable by a shareholder to any other person. Filling and signing a share transfer form and handing over the buyer of the shares along with share certificate can easily transfer shares.

Owning Property - A company being a juristic person, can acquire, own, enjoy and alienate property in its own name. No shareholder can make any claim upon the property of the company so long as the company is a going concern.

Limited Liability - Limited Liability means the status of being legally responsible only to a limited amount for debts of a company. Unlike proprietorships and partnerships, in a limited liability company the liability of the members in respect for the debts of the company is limited.


Private Limited Company Registration - MAXIMA FORMWALE can incorporate a Private Limited Company in 14 to 20 days, subject to ROC processing time

Step-1: Obtaining DSC & DIN

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) is required for the proposed Directors of the Private Limited Company. DIN and DSC can be obtained for the proposed Directors within 5 to 7 days.

Step-2: Name Approval

Name Approval - A minimum of one and a maximum of six proposed names must be submitted to the MCA. Subject to availability, naming guidelines and MCA processing time, Name Approval can be obtained in 5 to 7 working days.

Step-3: Company Registration

Registration documents can be submitted to the MCA along with an application for registration. MCA will usually approve the application for incorporation in 5 to 7 days, subject to their processing time.


Easily Register a Proprietorship

Proprietorship is an alias for the Proprietor or an unregistered business entity ideal for very small businesses in the unorganised sector.

A sole proprietorship is a business that is owned, managed and controlled by one person. It is one of the most common forms of business in India, used by small business person who are operating in the unorganized sectors. Proprietorships are very easy to start and have very minimal regulatory compliance requirement for getting started. However, after the start-up phase, proprietorship's do not offer the promoter a host of other benefits such as limited liability, separate legal entity, independent existence, transferability, etc., which are desirable features for any business. Therefore, proprietorship is suited for unorganized, small businesses that will have a limited existence.

There is no mechanism provided by the Government of India for the registration or incorporation of a Proprietorship. Therefore, the existence of a proprietorship is established only by tax registrations and other business registrations that a Proprietorship is required to have as per the rules and regulations. At MAXIMA FORMWALE, we can help you establish an identity for your Proprietorship by obtaining the relevant registrations.


Easy to Start -A Proprietorship business needs no registration. Therefore, it is one of the easiest to start with no formalities. However, after starting up the Proprietorship, it is relatively harder to open a bank account or obtain a payment gateway in the name of the business, since more registrations may be required.

Business Name -Since the name of a Proprietorship is not registered, a Proprietorship can choose to have any name - as long as it does not infringe on a registered trademark. However, since the name is not registered, any other person can also use the same business name unless trademark registration is obtained.

Taxation - A Proprietorship with less than Rs. 2 lakh of income is not required to pay any income tax, as Proprietorships are taxed as the individual owing the business. However, once, income of the business exceeds Rs. 10 lakh per annum, there are no major advantages for a Proprietorship in terms of taxation.


Proprietorship Start up - MAXIMA FORMWALE can help start up a Proprietorship in 7 to 14 days, subject to Government processing time

Step-1: Start up Consultation

Proprietorships do not have a process of incorporation. Therefore, our Business Advisors will advice you on the way the identity of the Proprietorship business can be established through other Government registrations.

Step-2: Service Tax Registration

The identity of a Proprietorship can be established through Service Tax Registration (if applicable) mentioning the business name. Service tax registration takes 10 to 15 days, subject to Government processing time.

Step-3: MSME Registration

The identity of a Proprietorship can be established by MSME Registration (if applicable) mentioning the business name. MSME Registration can be completed in 10 to 15 days, subject to Government processing time.


Easily Register a Partnership

Partnership could be registered or unregistered. Partnerships are ideal for small business in the unorganised sector having multiple promoters.

A Partnership Firm is a popular form of business constitution for businesses that are owned, managed and controlled by an Association of People for profit. Partnerships firms are relatively more prevalent to start amongst small and medium sized businesses in the unorganized sectors. With the introduction of Limited Liability Partnership in India, Partnership Firms are fast losing their prevalence due to the added advantages offered by a Limited Liability Partnership.

There are two types of Partnership firm, registered and un-registered Partnership firm. It is not compulsory to register a Partnership firm; however, it is advisable to register a Partnership firm due to the added advantages. Partnership firms are created by drafting a Partnership deed amongst the Partners, and MAXIMA FORMWALE can help them, who want to start a registered or un-registered Partnership firm in India.


Easy to Start - A Partnership is easy to form as no cumbersome legal formalities are involved. Its registration is also not essential. However, if the firm is not registered, it will be deprived of certain legal benefits. The Registrar of Firms is responsible for registering partnership firms.

Business Name - Since the name of a Partnership firm is not registered, a Partnership firm can choose to have any name - as long as it does not infringe on a registered trademark. However, since the name is not registered, any other person can also use the same business name unless trademark registration is obtained.

Annual Filling NOT Required - A Partnership firm is not required to file its annual accounts with the Registrar each year unlike a Limited Liability Partnership or Company. Limited Liability Partnerships and Companies are required to file their annual accounts with Registrar of Companies each year.


Partnership Start up - MAXIMA FORMWALE can create a Partnership Deed in 15 to 20 days.

Step-1: Partnership Deed Drafting

MAXIMA FORMWALE Financial Expert will first understand your business, Partners, Partnership structure and other relevant details to draft a Partnership Deed that will be acceptable to all Partners.

Step-2: Partnership Deed Registration

Based on your requested requirements and the service level , MAXIMA FORMWALE will help you to register the Partnership Deed with the relevant authorities to make the Partnership, a Registered Partnership Firm.

Step-3: Obtaining PAN & TAN

We will help you to obtain PAN and TAN registration for your already registered Partnership Firm from the relevant Authorities.

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To contact our customer service team email info@mfwpl.com and you will receive a response within 24 business hours.

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